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"I had this horrible gap and I suddenly realized Clemente opened my eyes and made me realize well if you don’t like what’s around you, change it. If you’re not happy with where you’re living then make it a different place. Make it the home you want it to be… make it the home you need it to be"

- Larry, Class of 2015

sr seminar 2.25 (96 of 245)



"After you have sat in the Clemente class there are so many people around the table, each one of you has a different view. You learn first of all to understand that your view can differ from someone’s view. And you have to respect everyone."


" I feel like critical thinking is at the center of Clemente. it makes you realize take what’s told to you for granted as not as the immediate truth. Now I ask my daughter, 'how do you know, are you sure?' when she hears something."

- Kenza, Class of 2016

sr seminar 2.25 (124 of 245)


My son came a couple months ago and I did a cover letter and I sent it to him to go over. He wrote me back “mom did you do that cover letter?” and I wrote him yes and he said “No mom someone helped you”. I said “No I did my own cover letter” and he said “Wow that thing [Clemente] you’re going to helped you a lot


Two days after I started the course my son had his appendix removed. I said I missed too much in the course and I don’t think I can make it though. Elizabeth (Coordinator) said, ‘no Alana. no, no. You are not going to stop. You are not going to give up. We are here for you no matter what. We’ll get you all that you need.” That made me feel so honored. To be a part of the professional people the teacher prof everyone, they comforted me in a time I really needed it.


graduated in 2015. Criminal justice, because I’ve seen a lot of my family go down the wrong roads and I plan to go to Worcester state after I get my associates and minor in psychology and work with the youth. I keep them going down that road.