Tools for Greater Leadership

The Clemente Program helps you not only to discover the humanities but to discover ways to improve your own community. Those who complete the program often find themselves invigorated and filled with a deep desire to be an agent for social and political change. Clemente is not merely about what happens inside the classroom, but what you can achieve outside of it. Clemente is more than just an opportunity to learn. It is an opportunity to give back to your community and become a leader for the next generation. Many students who enroll are already deeply involved in their community, but the tools Clemente provides will let you make change on an even larger scale.

Through Clemente You Can

  • Build long-lasting friendships through learning

  • Understand your community

  • Find your voice

  • Become a leader

  • Make a difference

  • Increase your civic involvement

Hear it From Them

“There’s a generation that’s going to come out of me, and a generation that will come out of them, that is going to be better because of the benefit of Clemente.”
Winnie, Clemente Graduate
“It taught me the power and beauty of community, and the need to belong to one. Like each one of us, I must work to make Worcester my home and the home I desire. I have to find what my unique experiences allow me to contribute to our city – to the new soil where my roots are planted.”
Larry Madden, Clemente Graduate