Meet Our Clemente Community

“It is like an extended family”

-Doreen Samuels, Class of 2016

Alana Francis Class 2015/16
“Diversity and fun moments with classmates- many ideas are shared”
Don VoClass of 2014/2015
“I’ve become . . .more grateful of people for who they are, what they’ve gone through.”
Larry MaddenClass of 2014/2015
“Clemente taught me the power and beauty of community and the need to belong to one. I have to find what my unique experiences allow me to contribute to our city.”
“It’s quite challenging.”
Winnie OctaveClass of 2014/2015
“There’s a generation that’s going to come out of me, and a generation that will come out of them, that is going to be better because of the benefit of Clemente.”

Our Professors

“The prof are amazing; they create culture in the classroom that allows people to be themselves and speak their minds…a real leadership capacity.”

-Elizabeth Bacon, Coordinator of the Clemente Course in Worcester

          To a large degree, the success of the Clemente Course depends on finding the best faculty. While searching for our professors, we take into account personality and teaching style as well as academic credentials. The Clemente Course needs five instructors to teach classes in literature, moral philosophy, art history, American history, and critical writing and thinking. Course instructors are required to have an M.A. or Ph.D. in a humanities discipline and be experienced teachers.

Barbara Beall-Fofana
Barbara Beall-FofanaArt History Professor
PhD from Brown University
Visiting Professor of Art History, Clark University
Ousmane Power-Greene
Ousmane Power-GreeneAmerican History Professor
PhD from University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Associate Professor of History, Clark University
Ruth Smith
Ruth SmithPhilosophy Professor
PhD from Boston University
Associate Professor of Humanities & Arts, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Jim Cocola
Jim CocolaPoetry Professor
PhD from University of Virginia
Associate Professor of Humanities & Arts, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Raphael Rogers
Raphael RogersCritical Thinking and Writing Professor
Ed.D. from University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Visiting Assistant Professor of Education, Clark University