The Future of Worcester

I feel like critical thinking is at the center of Clemente. It makes you realize take what’s told to you for granted, not as the immediate truth. Now I ask my daughter when she hears something, ‘how do you know, are you sure?’ Clemente pushes you to look deeper and make sure you have the right information. It’s fantastic.


One of the biggest impacts is this feeling that after all I can do it. I can go to college. I can start over again. Sometimes your self-confidence gets hit really badly when you are away and in a new country. With Clemente I am again empowered as a person.
“During my last class in the course, we sat around this big table and we just all shared experience: what we gained, what we thought of Clemente, what Clemente did. The thing that struck me was that the word healing came up like 13 times. We sat around this table every class, big round table, and this community was growing. This sense of community, among us, among our families, our children was becoming very very strong.”


I suddenly realized Clemente opened my eyes and made me realize well if you don’t like what’s around you, change it. If you’re not happy with where you’re living then make it a different place. Make it the home you want it to be. Make it the home you need it to be.
After you have sat in the Clemente class there are so many people around the table, each one of you has a different view. You learn first of all to understand that your view can differ from someone’s view. And you have to respect everyone.


I sent my son a cover letter to go over. He said, “mom did you do that cover letter?” I said, “yes” and he said, “No mom someone helped you”. I said, “No I did my own cover letter” and he said, “Wow that Clemente thing you’re going to helped you a lot.”

A Bridge to Higher Education

Dennette Allen, ClassScreen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.25.50 PM of 2015, is currently enrolled at Quinsigamond community college pursuing her associates in Science with a certificate in Criminal Justice. After she receives her associate’s she plans to move onto Worcester State University.

“I’m persuing Criminal Justice because I’ve seen a lot of my family go down the wrong roads. I plan to work with the youth, and keep them from going down that road.

I’m doing it all online. I have a set schedule for 3 hours a day redenettegardless if my children are in school, or if it’s after they go to bed. Nap time is my study time.

I’m a single mom. I didn’t think I could do it. Clemente gave me the confidence that I could go ahead and do it.

Clemente is one of the places where you find the greatest support. Before Clemente, my support was my two children, both under age of 10. Since Clemente, my son, he looks at me and says, ‘Mommy, can we do out homework?’ There is no better support than that”.

Donald Vo, Graduated 2015. Currently working towards his bacherlor’s degree at Assumption College in Mass Communications.

Jerelys filling out a college application

How to Apply

Clemente is the bridge to a two or four year college or university

Clemente is a vigorous college course that awards six credits upon graduation. This class is one step closer to a degree, but also a life changing experience for every individual.

Clemente does not take students and change them into someone new. The Clemente course in Humanities takes each student and gives him or her the tools to craft the voice and passion he or she already had into a powerful and impactful resource.

How to Apply